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Micro and nano positioning

ISP System offers un wide choice of micro and nano-positioning stages and actuators. We also develop multi-axes positioners, planimetric plates and motion controllers.

– Positioning stages –

The stages provide high precision displacement. We develop different solutions adapted to applications.

  • Micro-positioning stage

Particularly used in the field of opto-mechanics in multi-axes configuration. Available in a miniature version designed for minimal space and maintaining the position in case of no power supply.

  • Nano-positioning stage

Available in high-powered nano positioning stage with electromechanical drive or high-precision nano positioning stage with voice-coil motors.

  • Micrometric rotary stage

Generates irreversible rotation and high precision. Also available in miniature version.

– Positioning actuators –

Actuators are also available in several versions:

  • Micro-positioning actuator

Allows to position a mechanism, an optics, a sensor precisely. It is suitable for applications requiring resistance to loads and high mechanical stability.

  • Nano-positioning actuator

Generates bi-directional movements of nanometric precision and supports large radial loads while relying on economical and reliable technologies.

  • Micrometric alignement actuator

Positions bulky (1m to 100m of length) and massive equipment (1t to 100t) according to 6 degrees of freedom. They can combine with isostatic actuators.

  • Astatic actuator

Supports solid supported by isostatic fixtures.

– Other positioners –

The actuators we offer are available for all areas of industry and suitable for all environments. We offer a wide range that you can discover on and on The planimetric plates allow degrees of freedom in rotation and in translation of great precision. Moreover, we are developing the appropriate drivers to control all our positioners.

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