Positioning stage

TMP 50-1000-100

  • Hybrid stepper motor
  • 625nm resolution/motor
  • 50mm stroke
  • Irreversible translation movement

Positioning stage

TRM Rotary table

  • Step motor gearbox
  • Irreversible rotation and high precision
  • Stable maintenance of the non-energy position
  • Optical incremental encoder

Positioning actuator

VMP 10-100-60

  • Supports radial loads
  • Use under bi-directional load (traction/thrust)
  • Anti-rotation system of the stem
  • Irreversible displacement

Positioning actuator

Nanometric positioning cylinder VNP

  • Supports radial loads
  • Stable maintenance of the non-energy position
  • Stepper motor
  • Generates bidirectional movements

Positioning planimetric plateau

PPR 2-2-2-14200-35-0-171

  • Degrees of freedom in translation and in rotation
  • Efforts up to 14200N
  • Cardan-type technology
  • Compatible in clean room

Multi-axes positioner

Multi-axes positioner of focusing mirrors

  • Compatible with ultra-vacuum
  • 5 and 6 axis positioning system
  • KB positioner
  • Compact, high rigidity and high stability

Control board

2 stepper motor driver

  • Bipolar stepper motor
  • CAN bus with CanOpen protocol
  • USB gateway for control
  • Absolute and relative displacement